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upcoming 7th and 8th grade tests

FYI, all my classes will be having their first chapter tests this week on Wednesday the 4t. They knew about this last week. We will be reviewing in class on Tuesday. During Nutrition on Wednesday i will have a review session for my 8th graders and then before school that day I will review with the 7th graders. Those 7th graders wanting to review before school, meet outside of B building around 7:20 and i will come get the group to come up and practice some problems.
This weekend, teachers are to put in their first grades for the first progress report. It is possible that they will recieve an NG meaning no grade from me. The first progress report is always startling for some because they are usually very good or very bad because there are not many grades entered and not many tests and quizzes yet. As the semester goes one there will be more grades to average in. So don’t be alarmed the first grading period.
Have a happy last few hours of our long weekend
Ms szymanski

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