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8th Grade

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Wish list 7th & 8th graders

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Hello there
I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I look forward to the upcoming year which will be a bit of a transition as we move into the common core standards etc. I am very proud of my students last year, you did very well on CST’s, but testing is not everything, and more importantly I feel they are ready for the new year.
As you buy things for your school year, I do have a few wish list items which are continous all year long. Ms John could also use the same items if you are one of her students. so here is the list

Thank you in advance for every thing.
see you soon!!
Ms Szymanski

7th & 8 Grade Math SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!

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All 7th & 8th Grade Humanities students will have me, (Ms. Szymanski) for math. Ms. John will teach 1 advanced math class.

So I was at Target today and believe it or not, the school supplies are out. The most important thing for my class will be to get the spiral notebook that is the correct size. 9 1/2 by 11. If you are not sure if it is the right size, please take a piece of computer paper with you to store and see if it would be easily glued into there. Also picu up a bunch of glue sticks.
7th graders probably will need a 3 subject spiral and 8th graders a 5 subject one. trust me you will use it. Also you will need a composition book as well. With the new common core work ahead of us we will be doing a lot more writing and answering that big question I ask all the time WHY?. We will definitely learn to explain our answers this coming year and I am looking forward to it.
have a great rest of the summer!

ms szymanski

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Parent Conferences

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Hello, this coming Thursday, November 17th is Parent conference night. It is when you can speak with your teachers for about 2 minutes. it can be a problem because the lines can be very long. if you choose to, you may just email me on the Teacher Contact Form and ask about your child. i will gladly email you back. This can avoid standing in a long line and getting frustrated. Of course I would love to see you too, but if you run out of time that night, or can’t make it, or whatever, you may email and I will let you know how your child is doing.
Michele Szymanski
math and algebra

Talent Show

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I just want to extend my thanks to all parents and students who helped make this talent show the best I have ever seen. As usual the parents went over and above what I expected, to make this an extravaganza to remember. With deepest appreciation I thank all who organized the food, the artwork, the tickets, the decorations and all else. I also want to thank those who gave up their Friday night to attend the event, or to drop their kids off so they can attend the event. I understand that at the end of a week that might be the last thing you want to do. It was so great to see the kids shine on stage as they perform, to see the crew working out the bugs we had and take charge, to see them take their jobs seriously and put on a great event. It was great to see the kids in the audience being so excited and supportive also. It was especially moving to me to see them support the singer who was nervous. Then she went on to sing strong. And naturally my fellow teachers who participated (my little swans) and those in the audience I thank them too. Students appreciate their participation and time.
Middle school is not always the best for the kids (if you can remember back to your middle school times) and if we can ease it a little for them and make some of it an experience they will remember then it is worth all the work that goes into it.

With great thanks and appreciation
Michele Szymanski

PR Possibilities

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Wed, 09/14/2011

My brother is the editor for the studiocity patch. if there is any thing that the academy would like to post, or to share, it is a free place to do it. All you have to do is become a member and it is free to post anything you like. Mike has written several things about the school and it might be a great place to post about the talent show and advertise for that.
It is free advertising!
ms s

Wishlist 9/14/12

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My wish list includes the usual. Art suppies, paper, kleenex
Last year I had several parents who work in offices to bring in a box or bag every so often of paper used at their work that had printing on one side. I used that and printed on the other since much of the worksheets get glued into the student’s notebooks. So if your office recycles one sided paper, I will take it. Just make sure the side with the printing has appropriate things on it. It helps promote recycling and saves me from getting too low on paper.
I thank all the parents who have brought in items already and many thanks for the herbal tea!!
Ms Szymanski

The year has begun

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Hi there,
Just wanted to let everyone know that the year has started off great. Seems like we will have a great year. What I would like is if the parents and students who I have can send me an email to so that I can compile an email list without having to type each one in myself. Then I can send specific things to you personally or as a mass email. so if you can send me a quick note, i can save it on my computer.
Email is also the best and most effective form of communication for me.
thanks for choosing the Humanities Academy and look forward to seeing you at the talent show
ms szymanski