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New Parent Cheat Sheet

Humanities Handbook/Cheat Sheet

Uniform Info
Pants, shorts or skirts in navy or khaki, denim is okay provided it is dark blue with no ripped or torn material.  Jeggings are ok as long as they  working pockets front and back.
Polo shirts in white, navy, gray. Polos can be with Reed Wolf logo, or plain, purchased elsewhere.  Reed Wolf t-shirt, Reed baseball shirt, purchased at school.

School spirit wear (like our Humanities T-shirts) can replace the uniform shirt on Fridays.

PE shorts are pre-printed with Reed graphics and available for purchase at Student Store in lunch pavilion (cash or check).
Additional dress code info on Reed website, including rules for free dress days which occur at various times during the school year.


Supply List

Classroom list will be provided by teachers during the first week of school.



If you’re interested in car pools, fill out the Carpool Request Form and a school volunteer will contact you before the beginning of the school year.
You may also follow-up with them by email:

Pick up & Drop off locations (gates, crosswalks, etc.)
Landale & Colfax gate: crossing guard on duty
Sarah Street gate, just east of field
Main entrance on Irvine Avenue: parking restrictions enforced  School Campus Map

To accommodate heavy books, a rolling backpack is useful. 6th grade lockers are not near the 6th grade bungalows, so are difficult to access between classes.
Books can be copied & bound into segments, so students don’t have to carry the entire book to school. Self-copying at a copy/print shop is suggested. Many teachers have a classroom set of textbooks to use, so that students can leave their textbook at home for homework use.


Teacher/Administration Contact information
School Main Website:
School Phone number: (818) 487-7600
Cathie McLaughlin, Main Office: x-7601
Attendance Office: x-7615
For class and electives inquiries, ask for The Counseling Office


Humanities Academy Teachers (All teachers have an info page on this website, and contact info.)
Kerry Siminski: 6th Grade Social Studies & Language Arts
Stefania Holbrook: 6th Grade Math & Science

Carmen Esterman: 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts

Kate Mansfield: 6th Grade Math and Science
Michele Syzmanski: 7th & 8th Grade Algebra
Danielle Dagilis: 7th & 8th Grade English
Rachel Bobroski: 7th Grade World History & 8th Grade U.S. History
Laura Montiel: 7th & 8th Grade Science
Contact Humanities Teachers
Contact other school personnel:

Study Tips
Be mindful of overlapping projects!

Many teachers have a website where they post assignments. Links to the teacher websites are on the homepage of this website under Teachers at the top


For class and electives inquiries, as well as a list of other services, visit the new Counseling Office page on the school website.
Offerings vary each school year, and students may not get their first choice.
Some selections are: Spanish, Latin, Art, Creative Writing, Youth and the Law, some offerings vary each year.
Music:  vocal, or instrumental: strings or winds
Instrument check in/out occurs daily– Reed instruments are available for student use at no cost.
Where to rent an instrument – Baxter-Northup in Sherman Oaks



Stay informed through various sources:  Reed & FOR-HA Calendar
Humanities events are listed on FOHA website. Subscribe to FOR-HA email updates here.
Reed Network News – a school-wide email newsletter sent weekly. Subscribe here.


Some teachers prefer to have their conferences scheduled by the office using this form, while others must be contacted directly.
To make an appointment, please click on ‘Make an Appointment Online’.

Humanities Teachers contact form

Reed Contact Form

Protocol for conflict resolution:

  • Email the teacher: Direct contact with the teacher regarding your questions and/or concerns is the first step required, and email is the most convenient. Provide your phone number so they have the option of calling you directly.
  • Set up a conference with the teacher: If #1 doesn’t result in a response, or you prefer not use email, then contact the main office (818-487-7600) and they will schedule your conference for you.
  • Contact an administrator: If your situation is not resolved to your satisfaction in your conference, contact the Main Office (818-487-7600) and request a meeting with the administrator in charge of your teacher. The office will direct you to the proper assistant principal.
    The Administration will take your complaints and work with you and your child’s teacher to find a suitable resolution.
  • Assistant Principal: Ms. Eunice Mukasa, 818-487-7613, is best reached by calling or stopping in.
  • Dean of Discipline: Mr. Torres


General email protocol & etiquette for families
Please be responsible while communicating with families, using email as a tool for delivering only relevant school-related information.


Available Groups, Clubs, Opportunities
Including Creative Writing Club, National Junior Honors Society, Student Council, annual school musical, talent show, spelling bee, Battle of the Books, clubs that meet during lunch (Dr. Who club), art shows, jazz band, orchestra, Glee, after school opportunities including dance, etc. Information can be found by staying up to date from school website and other sources mentioned previously.


Parent Groups:
PTSA: Traditionally, PTSA promotes some specific programs and operates under the National and CA charters, and is bound to constrained fundraising and spending rules.
Friends of Reed: The general school non-profit which operates unconstrained fundraising for common good projects of entire school community which are not covered by SLC parent groups. Friends of Reed and PTSA share a website, meeting times, and volunteers.
Others: Listed on School website

FOR-HA Check the website and make sure you are subscribed to FOR-HA’s weekly email bulletins. Please read our pages and come to meetings to continue the tradition of coordinating enriching educational experiences for your student. Everyone’s initiatives are welcome!

FOR-HA’s On-Campus Speaker Series
Interested in sharing your knowledge & passion with students? Know of someone interested in sharing their area of expertise with our students? Let us know! Contact one of us below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact FOR-HA.



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