Friends of Reed – Humanities Academy

Minutes March 8, 2018

Friends Of Humanities Academy


March 8, 2018


  1. I. Call to order:

Meeting called to order. Motion to begin by Lisa Thomas, Second by Christi.


  1. Secretary’s Report:

Secretary minutes reviewed and approved.


III. Treasurer’s Report:

Profit and loss presented by Christi. Reviewed and approved.


  1. Old Business:

~Talent Show – Szymanski wants to change the date to the Fall but Ms. Gamba wants to keep it in the Spring, thinks the turnout if better if we wait. Must support what Szymanski wants. Simple set up in the lobby worked out great this year, great food!


~Astro Camp – Big success. Teachers and chaperones loved it. No teacher stepping up to do it next year. Maybe just parent chaperones. Maybe a PE teacher will go.


~LA Poets might be putting a book together.


~Chrome books have arrived.


  1. New Business:


~Reedchella – Need to get the word out – lots of people don’t know what it is. Use morning announcement to educate the whole school about it.

Can silent auction tent be shared with the band/entertainment (talk to Maribel & Gabriele).

Reedchella is now a Humanities event. Need acts from surrounding schools.


~Upcoming Events: Holocaust speaker (8th grade), JPL speaker (8th gr.), Damian Kevitt of S.A.F.E. will speak to school re: pedestrian safety, Shakespeare 4/12 & 13 for 6th gr. 4/26 for 7th gr.


~Combining incoming 6th Grade Welcome Meeting in the spring with FOR/HA Spring Mixer.

1st hour 6th grade only at 6pm. 7-9pm for everyone.

Looking for host, sometime in May. Invite Gamba, Dempski & teachers.


~Wolf Camp – Parent run (off LAUSD books). This is a model for us to consider going forward. New students can still join. Total count: 48 kids.


~Need parent to chair getting local & parent businesses to support Reed.


~School safety parent reps: Pam Geller, Leslie Swierad, Lucie Murray

Try to get parents to set up cones. Hire crossing guard, $60,000 per year. IHP is aksing us to help defray the cost. We voted that we couldn’t afford to help. Opt to write our councilman.


~SLC’s to host a dinner for teachers as a thank you. Humanities donated $225.


~March 14 school walk out supported by Ms. Gamba and the teachers.


~Need all new Board members.


  1. Meeting adjourned

Meeting called to close by Christi Goldman, Lisa Thomas second.