Friends of Reed – Humanities Academy

Minutes January 11, 2018

Friends Of Humanities Academy


January 11, 2018

8:00 AM WRMS

Room 106


  1. I. Call to order:

Meeting call to order at 7:50 PM Motion to begin by Lisa Thomas, Second by Mel O’Neil.

Attendance: Lisa Thomas, Christi Goodman, Susan Ladd, Keri Insvorsson,Erica Fox, Jen Ciavarra, Karlo Avelino, Laura Mulrenan, Mel O’Neil, Chip O’Neil, Marion Koster, Cathy Reisinger, Emilie Godfrey, Bipasha Shom, Dana Tobin, Gisella Valencia, Suzanne Leyotte


  1. Secretary’s Report:

Secretary minutes reviewed and approved.


III. Treasurer’s Report:

Christi’s brief review/approved.


  1. Old Business:

Reflections review by Keri P.T.S.A. President: Reed took first, second and third place out of 26 schools. Mindy Shin is going to state nationals. 1,024 of our students participated.


  1. New Business:

POKER NIGHT: Sign up by Wednesday for extra $20 in chips. We have about 50 people signed up. Buy one, get one free available to Reed staff. Pre-book an entire table.

No walk-ins the night of the event since the Poker company needs a head count.

It was clarified that prizes v money are won since it is gaming not gambling. Last minute details discusses.


Lisa & Carla will coordinate translation of newsletter.


2/6 CPK Fundraiser


Gisella proposed a February meeting for Latino group.


REED’S GOT TALENT – Mel O’Neal spoke about promoting the event, organizing food/drinks and flowers/telegram, and the raffle. We need water and soft drink donations plus baked goods and paper products. Set up and clean up needed. Sign up on SIGN UP GENUIS.

Emilie Godfrey spoke about the Art Gallery and faux wine & cheese.


More likes were discussed to heighten our FB presence.

More parents are needed to attend REEDCHELLA which will help Gift Baskets profits.


  1. Meeting adjourned

9:20 pm Meeting called to close by Chip O’Neil, Marion Koster second.