Friends of Reed – Humanities Academy

Minutes February 8, 2018

Friends Of Humanities Academy


February 8, 2018

8:00 AM WRMS

Room 106


  1. I. Call to order:

Meeting called to order at 8:00. Motion to begin by Lisa Thomas, Second by Kerry Siminski.

In attendance: Lisa Thomas, Christi Goodman, Susan Ladd, Kerry Siminski, Margaret Goldenberg.


  1. Secretary’s Report:

Secretary minutes reviewed and approved.


III. Treasurer’s Report:

Profit and loss presented by Christi. Reviewed and approved.

Refund from books came in.

Teachers slowly spending stipends.

Spending what we are earning. We are doing well with fundraisers.

Cannot close PayPal account but not being charged. It is linked to old FOHA accounts that are closed.


  1. Old Business:

Annual Giving: A few more donations are expected. We have exceeded our expectations. 18K was the total this time last year. Currently at 18,802 as of 2/2.

3,190 so far from bake sales.

4,500 earned from Poker Night. A huge success, a committee for next year is already formed. Tentatively planning to have Poker Night Nov. 2018. Invite friends to play next year.


  1. New Business:

7th grade overnight was $275. Being rased to $325 to help cover scholarships so we are not short at the end.


Kerry Siminski communicated that parents are complaining the Humanities program is too rigorous all across the board, 6th, 7th & 8th, especially the Honors Academy. She explained Humanities has built their reputation on being project driven and 6th grade is a huge learning curve and period of adjusting time management skills which is prep for 7th & 8th grades. She explained that kids do not take the time in class to get work done since they are busy socializing, as this is not yet a learned skill. It is supposed to be challenging. If children are gifted then they are supposed to be on par with 2 grade levels above. Rigor is supposed to be there and preparing them for high school. If a student is up at 11pm at night doing homework they need to talk to their teacher.


Talent Show – Sign up link for Volunteers is on the newsletter. Discussion of possibly selling some reserved tickets like chorus does. Kids love the talent show, we need parents to step up and help.


Discussion of combining incoming 6th Grade Welcome Meeting in the spring with FOR/HA Spring Mixer.

Incoming 6th Grade Meeting 6pm – 7pm & FOR/HA Mixer 7pm – 9pm Same night.

Looking for host, sometime in May. Invite Gamba, Dempski & teachers.


Discussion of improvements needed in PE.


Astrocamp on track.


Walkathon – discussion of how to tie this into street safety as a message. The walkathon is in limbo. Humanities chair Luci Murray is working in conjunction with STEAM.


Reedchella – Margaret is working on sign up genius. Trying to get people enthusiastic. Jerry will assist Margaret.


Wolf Camp – Parent run (off LAUSD books). This is a model for us to consider going forward.


Lisa is putting local & parent business sponsors & coupons on our website.


Discussion of how to offer Gamba & McGee help with school safety. Help with banners & signs. How to educate our kids? Have someone come talk to the students.



  1. Meeting adjourned

9:30 am Meeting called to close by Christi Goldman, Lisa Thomas second.