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From Ms szymanski

Welcome all. Schedules are still being worked on, and everyone is still getting used to being back to school. (me as well!). but this week we begin the work. Generally I give homework everyday but try not to on Fridays. They may have to finish something because they procrastinated in class a little. My assignments and lesson plans are planned ahead of time, but homework can change daily because of how fast or how slow each class picks up. It wil take me about a month to figure out the generally prior knowledge of the students I havent had before.
Most importantly keep checking that their math notebooks are organized, which means mainly to glue things in, and keep up the notes. All work is done in the spiral notebook. every month or so, check on it and see how it is doing.
I will be staying after school on Wednesdays. Please tell your child to come right after school, because if no one shows up I will leave by 3;10. I will stay till 3:30 or longer if needed. other times for help is during nutrition and before school. Before school they should email me in case i have a parent conference and cant meet with students. They can email the night before not later than 9 pm.
Looking forward to a great year! any questions email me at
Ms szymanski
ps: my constant wish list items are paper towels, kleenex, jolly ranchers, wipes, computer paper. thanks!!!

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