Friends of Reed – Humanities Academy

CIMI Thank You Letter

First a big thank you to everyone involved in putting together this massive undertaking, from FOHA (Our executive producer), to Stacey Solomons as our treasurer, and agreeing to be the lead on this production, to the rest of our wonderfully eclectic cast of chaperones, Laura Biasini, Margaret Goldenberg, Christie Goodman, Shelby Ilan,

Bob Martinez,Michael Shokrian, Rich Salvatore, Lisa Thomas and Eric Ostergard. Some stepping in at the last minute, others showing up ill, & everyone giving 110% of themselves for the kids.  Myself, Wendy Mintz and Victor Gavia along with the rest of the cast performed our roles well, but without Kerry Siminski as our writer, director and producer, the show would not have debuted. You are amazing! THANX

Parents, I would love to thank you for entrusting your most precious possession to us and trusting that they would be well cared for.  I believe you have afforded your children a lifelong memory, and for many a new sense of self. They were confronted with new challenges and persevered to meet them no matter what.

Our kids are wonderful to begin with, and as a rule they behaved accordingly.  What was so wonderful to witness was their sense of responsibility. They were on time to all activities and meals…..amazing since it was quasi impossible to find a clock.  They were more on it than I was. Bravi!

I was fortunate to be at the bungee swings with all the students.. encouraging and cheering them on….. and I can tell you that they all participated. It was so lovely getting to know all the students in the Humanities Academy. Some kids felt trepidation, some were very unsure, some downright terrified, while others were daredevils and attached the challenge like pros. To watch the kids that were so unsure of themselves muster up the courage to try and then hear squeals of delight and exclamations of “that was so awesome!”, filled my heart with joy. They Rocked it!

New friendships forged, old friendships became stronger while new alliances and self assurance allowed them to explore their new surroundings with more confidence and determination. Their accomplishments and triumphs, pale only to the fact thatthey came, they saw and learned and they conquered!  Many stories and pictures to follow.

Finally a huge swell of gratitude, for the reception upon our arrival. Not at all necessary,but greatly appreciated. I Felt  a little like a rock star… other chosen passion. If you could only know how touching it is to be treated with such consideration….amazing!  Humanities Parents… no others.

Enjoy their stories, and know that they are a little more mature, a little more self assured, and very happy.

Thank You to the Best Academy at Reed for allowing us to do the best for all our kids.

Very Warmly,

Stefania Holbrook