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7th and 8th Grade Math Supply List

Spiral notebook at least 3 subject.  Big enough to fit copy paper pasted in.

(I think it is 8 1/2 by 11)

Glue sticks


one paper pocket folder

7th graders also need a composition book.



-Michele Szymanski

School Supplies List – Ms. Szymanski

Ms. Szymanski’s List:
•    8 1/2″ x 11″ Spiral notebook–at least 3 subject (it needs to the larger spiral so 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper will fit and not have edges hanging out)
•    3 pocket folders
•    composition book
•    paper
•    pencil w/an eraser & sharpener
•    blue or black ink pens
•    glue stick
•    highlighter

7th & 8th Grade Math Supplies


Supply list for 7th and 8th grade math is spiral notebook 9 1/2 by 11.  no smaller!!  and a composition book. Glue sticks.

I also need paper towels, kleenex, jolly ranchers, dry erase markers and copy paper at the beginning of the year.

Ms. Szymanski

Speaker request for 7th grade

We are beginning our unit on percents, markups, discounts, tips, sales tax etc. I am looking to see if there is anyone out there who deals with commission, or is in the restaurant business or in real estate, who can come in and talk to the classes and explain how percents deal with their jobs. I think it is interesting for them to hear that although a realtor might make a 7% commission on a house they sell, they don’t actually get all that money. Or how a waitress must give some of their tip to the busboy etc. It would be nice to have several speakers or just one.
If you can come some time in the next week or so email me at
Thank you
Ms szymanski

Thank you everyone!!

I just want to give a big thank you to all the parents and students who either worked on or came to support our Reeds Got talent show. Each year i think I am not going to do it anymore and then when it comes to the night of the show I am so proud of all the students. I laugh, cry and most of all am happy that I am able to give the kids an opportunity to experience the life in the theater. From my stage crew to talent, they all tell me how they didnt realize how much work it takes to put on a show. I think that is the great part of this all.
I am also thrilled to see the support from the audience members for their peers and how much they cheered and have a good time. We try for positivity and I think that happens each year.
My fellow teachers are also such wonderful people to put themselves out there like that for the students. They all know how important it is for students to see us as real people who can also be silly and have a good time. Plus to be honest we have a blast too! they are already asking what our act will be next year.
Thank you parents for EVERYTHING YOU DO!! The lobby looked wonderful, the food is excellent and you guys are just fantastic. I would not even begin to do this without your help. You are so appreciated and I am very very thankful.
So as we move on with the rest of the year, I want to send my thanks to all of you. Please thank any of the participating teachers as well. It is hard to get them to stay on a Friday night, and they did so willingly and with lots of love.
thank you Ms Szymanski

Ps  here is the link for the teacher act if you missed it.  Please also join that page as my brother is starting a studio city examiner page where he will cover much of Walter Reed events