Friends of Reed – Humanities Academy

Minutes December 14, 2017

Friends Of Humanities Academy


December 14, 2017

8:00 AM WRMS

Room 106


  1. I. Call to order:

Meeting call to order at 805: Motion to begin by Lisa Thomas, Second by Christi Goodman.

Christi Goodman, Colleen Benard, Jen Ciavarra, Laura Biasini, Lisa Thomas, Monica Blackburn, Leah Altschuler, Margaret Goldenberg in attendance.


  1. Secretary’s Report:

Secretary minutes reviewed and approved.


III. Treasurer’s Report:

Profit and loss presented by Christi. Reviewed and approved.


  1. Old Business:
  2. Fall mixer had a good turn out
  3. Car wash was successful, received $624.00
  4. Bake Sale has been profitable- Margaret Goldenberg.


  1. New Business:
  2. Gearheads Fundraiser Gisella’s husband owner Gearheads may offer fundraiser. DATE and details; TBA
  3. Directory source/ listing of parent owned businesses directory
  4. New Assistant Principal, Mr Magee , will assist with future forms, fieldtrips
  5. Teacher gifts money collected and Jen will purchase gifts.
  6. Latino Parents have a meet & Greet committee.
  7. Poker Night will be parent managed event. No flyers at school. Committee needs 10 strong prizes. Additional/Other prizes will be for raffles at poker night. January 27
  8. Talent and Art Show needs co-chair, possible Reflections art can be presented.
  9. Bakesale needs baked goods.
  10. District FEES Future field trips and extra fundraising events, academy meetings, that are held and organized by parents will have a “rental” charge from LAUSD.
  11. Consideration for Future fields trips : a) Parent run to avoid costs/paperwork from the district. b) Local camp trips to avoid snow and weather conditions.
  12. Malibu camp trip is doing well, at 42 students, but we can take a few more. Parent run trip.
  13. Annual giving still going on.
  14. Spring Faire Margaret, Laura M and Kerri. Tentatively April 2018
  15. WALKATHON Steam/Humanities academies possible Walkathon Steam has Karen Shoemaker as chair – co-chair from Humanities needed.
  16. FORHA Meeting January 11, 2018 evening meeting LOCATION TBD


  1. Meeting adjourned

9am Meeting called to close by Christi Goldman, Lisa Thomas second.