OUR KIDS, that's who!

We had 20 fabulous Humanities Academy kids at our Phone-A-Thon today, and they did an amazing job calling all of you and reminding you of our Annual Giving Campaign.  If you received a message on your voicemail when you got home tonight, or if you were lucky enough to talk to one of our students today, thank you!  We are so proud of our students and their willingness to advocate for themselves, their teachers, and their program.

To donate, write a check to Friends of Reed (FOR) and put %100 Humanities in the memo line. Send it to school with your child to give to their English teacher.  Or take it to the main office and put it in the FOHA box.  Or go to reedfoha.org and click on Humanities in the drop down list.  Or mail it to FOHA at Reed.

Thank you to all the brave kids who helped out today!






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