....And it's not too late to help out! 

No need to sign up at this point, just come and help out!  Can't come to the show and help? No problem!  Bring chips, cookies, water bottles, soda, empanadas from Porto's in Burbank, hotdogs/ buns (FOHA dads will be grilling!), whatever you think will sell well!  All food and drink donations are welcome and can be dropped off at the auditorium after school.

Want to help out but your kid is in the show?? We still want you!  Come to the lobby of the auditorium anytime from 2:30 on.  We will make sure you are inside watching your little darling during the show, guaranteed.

Food & Drinks/ Art show at 5pm, Talent Show at 7pm

Come cheer on the kids and enjoy a special closing act from the teachers!

Tickets $10 All students $5

Tickets available at the door

*************this is a heartwarming event that you won't want to miss!********************






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