Profoundly Powerful.

At 10:00 today, nearly all 1700 of our students poured out the doors to voice their fears about gun violence and hope for the future. 

They did it safely and orderly.

The school did not expect so many to leave our buildings but they were allowed to go.

Every eye watched.

Watching for their safety; Watching them stand. 

With signs, and songs, and very young voices, they spoke in mass about the real and present danger woven through our nation. They honored the 17 students killed most recently, and let us know they do not want to face a similar experience. Cars honked. Grown-ups stood speechless.


Please know that a wise and caring administration deserves a great deal of credit for the success of today's event... as do our super cool kids. You all deserve a pat on the back today!

Hopeful.... and very proud of you Walter Reed.