Dear Humanities Families, 


We have learned about a significant problem that Walter Reed will be facing next year. Reed is scheduled to lose its ‘PHBAO Status’ this year, and with it a lot of important funding. (PHBAO - stands for “Primarily Hispanic Black Asian - Other”) Schools that have a population of over 70% minority races qualify to receive significant PHBAO funding. Just walking our halls it is clear Reed is indeed a very diverse school. We are being told there is reason to believe that Reed SHOULD continue to qualify for this status, that in fact, the problem is an ERROR. This is where we need YOUR HELP. 


At this critical stage, we are reaching out to our community to CALL and WRITE the school district to make our request heard. CALLING IS BEST. Our goal is to have 200 - 300 CALLS PER DAY to the numbers below, so that this CRITICAL ERROR does not damage the structure of our school. 


We have outlined the information as we understand it in BULLET POINTS attached. Our hope is to help you understand and communicate our problem. 


A “Call Sheet” is attached to help you make calls to the key officials. We suggest 1 call per day, several per week. That’s a lot.... but it is what has been advised in order to assert our position. 

NOTE: There is no need to recite every detail. Say what you want! This outline is merely to give you the facts. 


Key LAUSD officials and their numbers are attached. 


Letters also help. A sample letter is also attached with email addresses. 


THANK YOU for your help NOW at this CRITICAL TIME! 


The Friends of Humanities Board Members 





Ms. Michelle King (213) 241-7000 

Superintendent of Schools / superintendent@lausd.net 


Ms. Linda Del Cueto (818) 252-5400 ext. 5 

Local District Superintendent / linda.delcueto@lausd.net 


Mr. Scott Schmerelson (213) 241-8333 

District 3 Board Member / scott.schmerelson@lausd.net


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