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Field Trips

Thu, 01/12/2012 – 3:32pm — Judith

We are streamlining our field trip process and zeroing on potential dates. The 6th graders can expect an art/theater experience and a science adventure. Specifics are being worked out & we’ll have events & dates soon. An afternoon spent playing with with the works of William Shakespeare is in store for the 7th graders and many of the 8th graders are looking forward to their Annual New York trip in the spring with maybe another surprise or two.
We rely on our Teacher’s, Teacher Liaisons, Parent Volunteers & your financial donations to make these field trips available to all Humanities students. This year has had it’s challenges, undaunted we’re rising to the occasion and finding enrichment opportunities for each grade level that compliments their curriculum. Check back soon and see what’s on the horizon!

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